What is the best monitor size for gaming?

Did you just plan to buy a gaming monitor but are having trouble deciding on the best size? The ideal size of a gaming display has long been a source of debate among gamers. High FPS competitive, realistic, adventure, role-playing, and real-time action games have different answers. Our goal here is to make you aware … Read more

How Much Storage Should a Gaming PC Have?

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How to Cancel Prime Gaming?

The Amazon Prime service for gamers includes Prime Gaming. It grants access to free games, bonuses, cosmetics, in-game currencies, and additional benefits for streamers. It also comes with a free Twitch membership for one creator. In a 2014 deal that valued the business at $970 million, Amazon acquired ownership of Twitch. Since that day, efforts … Read more

How To Stop Sweaty Hands When Gaming?

Gaming may seem simple and fun, but players find it to be quite difficult because they have to deal with so many problems, including manufacturing, technical, and sometimes physical ones like sweating. For a gamer, that is the most annoying situation. The finest methods on how to stop sweaty hands when gaming are described in … Read more